Saltwater Flies

The following are my most popular hand-tied saltwater flies I offer for sale.

Sparkle Larry

RootbeerPink Orange

Sparkle Larry, Rootbeer

Sparkle Larry, Pink/Orange


Larry's Minnow


This is one Hot Baitfish pattern, famous for picking up big Largemouth Bass or Striper. Also a favorite in the salt. Great anchovie or Sardina imitation. Larry Kurosaki personally ties each fly. Larry holds two World Records and one CA State Record Largemouth Bass with the Larry's Minnow.

Larry's Minnow, Olive, size 2

Larry's Minnow, Olive, size 4

Larry's Minnow, Chartreuse, size 2

Larry's Minnow, Chartreuse, size 4


I'm selling my flies in half & full dozen quantities.

my ebay user name is: lkn4fish805

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